March 31, 2019

5 Years and Running! What a Beautiful Ride - Wayne McCullough

5 years. 5 years, let that sink in…. FIVE years since we opened the doors at Benchmark Private Wealth Management!

For our five-year anniversary, I would like to elaborate on what I consider to be the “Big Five” in life and explain how they work within the context of Benchmark Private Wealth Management.

My primary goal is to help families preserve, grow, give and protect their wealth. Investing and spending human capital on projects that matter and make the world a better place. I believe to live a fulfilled life a person should focus on 5 key areas that I have coined “The 5 F’s”: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness & Finance. These are the motivators which drive me to constantly pursue excellence and continue progress to be a better husband, father, friend, wealth manager and mentor. I wake every day and ask God to make me the man He intends me to be.

  1. Faith - Faith is who we are at our core… what we believe and what helps set the framework for Benchmark Private Wealth Management’s core values; family, trust, respect and integrity. Regardless of what faith you are, this solid ground helps us stand tall and make the right decisions for our employees and clients. Our clients have faith in us to steward their assets and help them create a financial plan for themselves and the generations to come.
  2. Family - Benchmark Bank and Benchmark Private Wealth Management are just that. Family. Our Benchmark family has been nothing but supportive and respectful as we continue to build this business. There is no one I would rather partner with more than the Barnett family - it is just that simple. I have been a customer of Benchmark Bank since 2001 and have never regretted opening that first account (with my personal banker at the time Megan Barnett Filgo!). I had always told Mike Barnett he had something very special at Benchmark and that we could build a world class private wealth management group on the chassis he had built. The people at Benchmark are the foundation of its success. I told my wife Lissie recently how much I love my work; I love doing what I do every single day. It doesn’t mean there aren’t hard days, but I love waking up every morning to my work, my team and my clients. Best places to work in Dallas… I’d say best places to work in America! Dallas Morning News' Top 100 Places to Work in Dallas
  3. Friends - Our clients are made up of friends and family. Our goal is to treat every client like family, and we almost always become friends. We tell clients all the time we would only invest their money the same way we would for our own families, and that is a fact. Trust is huge for us and you should always be able to trust your friends. We want to be held to that higher standard. I consider everyone I work with a friend, which is easy when you work with such awesome clients and fellow employees. Our team is better able to serve our clients with trusted relationships we can lean into.
  4. Fitness - This topic may not seem to fit the financial realm at first glance, but fitness stretches across many domains - mental, physical and financial fitness. You are only as healthy as your mind and body are healthy, therefore, we do encourage a healthy lifestyle. Make good decisions that help you make further good decisions, it’s as simple as that. Financial well-being cultivates peace of mind and allows you to give back to society which then allows you grow in all areas of life. We are here for our clients to help them get better, constantly moving and making decisions every day!
  5. Finances - It seems so obvious this word would be here, yet finances can be so complicated. Finances become entangled in so many different emotions for people. We really lean into our clients to understand the emotion of their investing and their real risk tolerance. All we ever want is what is best for the client - no agendas or conflicts. Setting a solid financial plan and path in place no matter where you are in life is so important for financial fitness and well-being. Have an organized, well thought-out plan and work the plan. Financial planning and asset management is what we do, living alongside you through the whole journey is how we operate!

It is with the deepest gratitude that I write to you all. I love and care for every one of our clients. When you feel pain, we feel pain. When you win, we win. My gratitude goes out to our clients for the trust they give us and to the amazing people we get to work with every day! We are so excited about the future growth of our business, not only in Dallas but also in Plano, Austin, The Woodlands and Houston - our statewide reach is spectacular. The rise has been meteoric to this point and we look to continue that growth as we add new clients and team members to the Benchmark Private Wealth Management family.

The future is right now, these are the good times and we are so thankful to you all for being a part of the journey with us. We look forward to all that is to come.

Onward and upward - take the ride with us, the next 5 are going to be special!


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